How To Repair Minor Issues With Your Roof

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You are going to experience minor and maybe a few major problems as a homeowner. One of the issues you are probably going to experience is roofing problems. A minor issue might be something like missing roofing shingles, stains or mold on the roof, damaged flashing, or even curling shingles. Major issues you may experience include water damage to your roof, a hole in your roof, or the need for a new roof. Major repairs should be left to a professional roofing contractor, but some minor problems can be handled on your own. Read on helpful information to guide you to repair your roof yourself.

Missing Shingles

If you have missing shingles, you'll need to replace the missing pieces. Shingles need to be replaced properly, or you could end up with a leak in your roof. To replace a shingle properly, you need to remove the nails in the piece above the missing shingles and lift the bottom of the upper shingle. Slide the replacement shingle in place and nail it down. Then nail the shingle above it in place again.

Be sure the shingles surrounding the missing shingles are not broken or damaged. If you spot any that are, make sure you replace those as well. Inspect the rest of your roof as well for other missing or broken shingles.

If your shingles are curling, they should also be replaced with new ones. Curling shingles aren't going to protect your roof as well as they should. If you have a lot of curling shingles, you might need to replace your entire roof. If it's only a few, replace the shingles as needed.

Mold Or Stained Shingles

If you have a lot of mold or stains on your shingles, you should first make sure you don't have water damage to your roof or shingles. The stains could be wet spots on the roof, so to be sure you can safely get up onto your roof to inspect it for soft spots, or you can go up into your attic to see if there are water stains on the ceiling. If there are water stains, you should have your entire roof replaced. If you don't have any visible damage or soft spots on the roof, get up onto the roof and take a long-handled scrub brush, a mold removing cleanser, and a bucket of water to clean your roof. 

Missing Or Damaged Flashing

Flashing is the metal used around dormers, chimneys, and vents. When these areas are damaged, it can result in leaks. These flashing pieces are necessary for protecting your roof. If you notice flashing is pulling away from your roof, use caulk to help keep the flashing in place and to seal and protect your home against water. If the flashing needs to be replaced entirely, hire a professional for help.

If you aren't sure if you can handle the minor roofing issues, hire a professional for help making the necessary repairs. Visit a site like to learn how the professionals can help you. 

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