2 Signs Water Is Leaking Underneath Your Home's Roofing Shingles

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Especially if your roof is older or has seen a lot of inclement weather, you may start to wonder whether the shingles are still in good enough condition to keep the water off of the underlying structures and out of your house. If so, be on the lookout for the following signs that you may have water leaking underneath your shingles which is causing irreparable damage.

1.  Shingles Appear to Bulge Out from the Roof

One sign that you may have water leaking under your roof's shingles is when you start seeing bulged areas. The roof should be relatively flat without any hills or valleys in it.

However, if your roof has any shingles that are missing or broken, water can run underneath of them and collect in an area downhill from its entry point. If the shingles the water ends up at are still in good condition, they can trap moisture.

While the bulging does not usually happen overnight, eventually, pressure from the trapped water will push the shingles outward. If these areas are not replaced and the broken or missing shingles dealt with, the shingles will deteriorate to the point of falling off, and you will start seeing water leaking inside of your house.

2.  Concaved Areas Are Present on Your Roof

On the flip side of bulges that may form when water is leaking under your roof's shingles, you may also start seeing the formation of concaved areas that look like dips in the roof. While bugling shingles usually indicate superficial damage to your roof, concaved areas mean that the underlying structures are damaged.

When water seeps into the plywood to which the shingles are attached, it does not readily evaporate. While the wood remains wet, it eventually starts to rot, and the weight of the shingles causes it to cave.

Not only does this greatly increase your risk of having water leaks in your house, but it also affects the structural integrity of the roof. If the wood is not replaced, it could eventually cave in, causing extreme damage and costly repairs.

If you see either or both of the above signs, there is most likely water leaking underneath your shingles and becoming trapped, remaining long enough to put pressure on the shingles or deteriorate the underlying wood. Contact residential roofers as soon as you notice these problem areas so that they may inspect your roof and discuss your options for either repairing or replacing it.

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