Are You Fixing Up A Previously Owned Restaurant Building?

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Are you opening your own restaurant? If so, have you been lucky enough to find an excellent deal on a previously owned building? Maybe you immediately determined that the building will easily be modified to use as a restaurant. Perhaps the reason that you were able to negotiate such an excellent price is that the building needs some pretty major repairs. From replacing the roof on the building to selecting the wall treatment, read on for some ideas that might help you.

First of all, have you had the building inspected and determined that the roof needs to be replaced? If you have done that already, the next step is to decide what kind of roof you want to install. Part of that decision will probably be determined by the type of restaurant you are opening. 

  • If you are opening a Texas-style barbecue restaurant, a metal roof would be an excellent choice. Metal roofs perform really well in all kinds of weather, including weather that brings high winds and heavy rains. For a really traditional look for your Texas-style building, go with gray for the color of the roof. 
  • If your restaurant will serve Mexican food or Italian food, think of selecting a tile roof. A tile roof will probably be your most expensive choice, but the roof will last for a very long time. Like a metal roof, a tile roof will withstand any kind of weather that comes your way. Your roofing contractor will be able to tell you if the building can withstand the weight of a tile roof. 
  • Maybe your budget will only allow for a shingle roof, which is probably going to be your least expensive choice. Besides the fact that a shingle roof is a great choice money-wise, the good thing about shingle roofs is that they come in many colors. That means that, if you wanted a red tile roof for an Italian restaurant and it just cost too much, you can still select terra cotta red for the shingles and get about the same effect as an actual tile roof. 

To learn more about your commercial roof replacement options, contact a company like Durafoam Roofing LLC.

When you choose the wall treatment for your new restaurant, think of going with a theme. For instance, if you are opening a Mexican food restaurant, choose red, white and green paint for the color on the walls. For a Texas-style barbecue restaurant, no matter the color of paint you select, think of stenciling Texas stars in strategic places on the wall. 

Once your roof and the wall treatment are completed, buy decorative items that will add interest to your new restaurant. Those items will add pizzaz to your new restaurant. 

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