Choose The Right Roofing For Your Commercial Building Renovation

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If you're renovating an old commercial building, you may be looking into different types of roofs. You have a few options to choose from, but not all commercial roofing is suitable for all types of buildings. Here are some choices in commercial roofing and when they might be a good option.

When You Want A Lightweight Roof

If the roof on the building now is old and ugly, but still in good shape structurally, then you may want to cover the roof and avoid paying to have it taken down and hauled away. In order to put another layer of roofing on top of the old one, you'll need a lightweight option. Spray foam roofing or a membrane would be good choices. Even metal is fairly lightweight and might be appropriate. Your roofing contractor will assess your building and determine if covering the old roof is possible and then suggest the right roofing material to use, keeping weight in mind.

When You Want Help With Climate Control

A large commercial building is expensive to cool in the summer, and if the roof contributes to solar heating, you'll pay even more. When you have a new roof put on, then consider getting a white roof that reflects the sun. Some roofing materials are made to reflect UV rays and this not only prevents solar heating, it protects against sun damage to the roof. You could opt for a metal, membrane, or spray foam roof and let the contractor know you want the roof to keep your building cool so the right color and product is chosen.

When Appearance Is Important To Your Image

If you have an isolated building with a flat roof, no one will see the roof and appearance is low in priority. However, if your building has a pitched roof that's visible from the ground or a flat roof that can be seen from taller buildings nearby, then you want a roof that has an attractive appearance. Metal is an excellent choice for a roof with a slope because metal requires little care. However, you could also use clay tiles, concrete tiles, or even asphalt shingles. You may want to select a roof that complements the architectural style of the building for the best appearance.

If your roof is flat, you might want a spray foam roof since it doesn't have seams and it forms a continuous layer of roofing over the top of the building. A continuous white roof is attractive from above, but a built-up roof covered with gravel can also be an attractive look from a nearby window.

When You Have A Flat Roof

If the roof on your building is flat, then you have fewer options in roofing materials since water has a tendency to puddle or roll in different directions on a flat surface. A flat roof isn't completely flat as there will be a slight slope so water can roll toward the sides. However, the pitch is usually so small that tiles, shingles, and metal roofing aren't good options. You'll still have plenty of choices though. You can opt for a built-up roof, membrane roof, or spray foam depending on your preferences and budget.

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