Go Beyond The Basic: Why You Need An Elastomeric Roof Coating For Your Flat Roof

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If you have a flat roof, and you've been applying an ordinary coating, it's time to make a change. Ordinary coating may provide you with some benefits; however, those benefits are limited compared to the ones you'll get by switching to elastomeric roof coating. Elastomeric coating is designed to bend and give with your roof, and extends beyond a painted coating. Here are just four of the reasons you need to have an elastomeric coating applied to your flat roof. 

Lasts Longer Than Ordinary Coating

If you're looking for long-lasting protection for your flat roof, go beyond your basic roof coating. Most roof coating needs to be reapplied after several years. However, that's not the case with elastomeric coating. Because this coating goes on in one seamless application, there are no seams to cause premature wear and tear. Not only that, but elastomeric coating is more resilient, which means it won't wear out due to exposure to the sun. This coating will even hold up to salt air, which is beneficial if you live near the beach. 

Allows for Less Heat Absorption

If you're worried about heat absorption, you need to have elastomeric coating applied to your roof. This is particularly important if you own a mobile home. Mobile homes often hold more heat, which makes them much warmer during the summer months. One of the benefits of this specific coating is that it allows for less heat absorption. Not only will your home stay cooler during the summer, it will also be more energy efficient throughout the year.

Holds Up to the Strongest Storms

If your home is exposed to prolonged periods of inclement weather, you need a roof coating that will hold up to the strongest storms. Unfortunately, most roof coating that's painted on won't provide you with that durability and strength, which means your roof will be exposed to danger with each passing storm. However, because elastomeric coating is designed to bend and give, it will hold up to strong winds, snow and ice, and even hail storms. 

No Need for Extensive Repairs

Finally, if you're like most homeowners, the idea of constant roof repairs and maintenance doesn't sound appealing, which is why you need to switch to this more durable coating. Because of the extreme durability and strength, your coating won't suffer from the damage that can affect other types of coating. Any damage that does occur can be easily repaired by a spot application of fresh elastomeric coating to the affected area. 

Protect your flat roof. Instead of trusting your roof to a basic coating, talk to a roofing contractor like Surface Shield Protective Coatings about the benefits of applying elastomeric coating to your roof.

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