Considering Replacing Your Old Windows? Information That Will Help You Decide

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If your home has old windows you know how expensive it will be to replace all of them. This expense may be well worth it, however. Below is some information about new windows so you can decide if you want to get new ones for your home.

Be More Comfortable

If your windows are old air is likely leaking into your home from the outside. Air inside your home can also leak to the outside. This unwanted exchange of air will result in the interior of your home not feeling as warm or as cool as it should be. You may also feel an actual draft if you sit near a window, especially if it is windy and cold outside.

Save Money

Because more air leaks out of and into your home, this will cause your HVAC unit to run much more than it normally does. This results in much higher energy bills, which can really add up over time. This also results in much more work for your HVAC unit, which may reduce the life of the unit. New HVAC units can cost a lot of money to replace. If not replaced, you may end up having constant problems, requiring expensive repairs.

Types of Glass Available

In the past when you purchased new windows they consisted of a single sheet of glass. If you start shopping for windows today, you will find more than one pane of glass is used. For example, there are double-paned windows which offers your home even more insulation. If you want even more benefit, you can choose windows that have triple-paned glass. This is also beneficial if you live near a windy area as double or triple pained glass is much stronger and less likely to break. 

Blocks the Sun

You can choose low-emissivity (Low-E) glass. This type of glass has a coating that is thin and transparent. This coating blocks the harmful rays of sun that can shine through windows in a home. The glass reflects some solar rays (while still allowing heat into your home during the winter months). This can help save furniture and carpeting as these things will not fade due to the sun. Also, if you sit near a window on a regular basis you will not have to worry about skin cancer from the sun.

Talk with a window replacement company to learn much more about getting new windows for your home.

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