Should You Schedule A Roof Inspection? 4 Reasons For Homeowners To Make That Call

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Residential roofing contractors do more than install new roofs and repair existing ones. In most areas, a residential roofing contractor is also able to provide inspection services to help homeowners detect possible wear, damage, or structural issues and offer advice on correcting them. Homeowners who are unsure if their roof needs to be inspected can use the following four reasons to understand why they should make that call. 

After a weather event

The sheer surface area of your home's roof, as well as its angles, can make it more or less prone to damage from a severe weather event. Hailstones, tornadoes, wind, and layers of deep snow and ice are just some of the weather events capable of causing damage to roofing materials or the supportive structure of residential roofs. 

When there are signs of a leak

Visual signs of a leak, including discolorations on the ceiling or the appearance of drips or puddles of water inside the home, should always be considered to be potentially serious. Having a roof inspection performed will help homeowners determine whether the problem lies with the roof or whether it was caused by a plumbing or HVAC component or line. 

After impact from fallen trees or tree limbs

As trees age, it is normal that a limb or section of the tree becomes weakened or dies and falls. When this happens and the fallen portion of the tree strikes the roof, damage can occur even if none seems apparent at the time. Having the roof inspected soon after this type of event will help to limit the actual damage and prevent leaks and other condition issues from arising in the months afterward. 

When questions arise with an insurance claim

Homeowners who question an insurance adjuster's decision regarding the condition of their roof or whether it needs to be replaced can benefit from having a roof inspection performed by a roofing contractor of their choice. The information gathered during this type of independent inspection can be used to contest the insurance company's decision and can often lead to further investigations and the receipt of a higher settlement amount. When dealing with this type of problem, homeowners should ask the roofing contractor to also include a bid for any repairs they feel is necessary and itemized information about all damage found. 

These are just four of the many reasons why homeowners should consider scheduling a roof inspection as soon as possible. To learn more about how a roof inspection is performed and the information and benefits it can provide, contact a residential roofing contractor in your area. 

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