Blow-Off Problems And Repairs

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If you notice that some of your shingles have pulled away from your roof or have blown off completely from the deck, then this requires a repair as soon as possible. The blow-off issue is a common one that can occur for a few different reasons. Keep reading to find out why it may happen and also how the repair may be completed. 

Why Do Shingles Blow Off?

If you live in a place where high winds are common, then you will need a roof that can withstand the wind speed. These shingles are called high wind–resistant shingles. If these shingles are not placed on your roof, then you will see blow-off issues. 

The wind can also lift up shingles from underneath if too much of the shingle tab is exposed. This happens when the shingles are not nailed down correctly with the nails sitting above the nail strip. Too few nails can cause the same issue, as more nails are required in high wind areas. Without the extra support of the nails, shingles tend to rip and you may see some on your lawn after a storm.

Also, shingle problems are sometimes noted if the roof deck is not in great condition before the shingles are installed. For example, mold, mildew, and water damage can all weaken the roof and lead to a poor base for the new roof. 

Shingle blow-off may simply be a sign that a new roof is required due to old age. As shingles age and dry out, they are no longer as pliable as they once were. They are more likely to bend and rip in this case.

How Are Blown-Off Shingles Repaired?

Repair issues require your roofer to identify the main problem first. And, if the issue is an old roof, then a replacement will likely be recommended. If there is severe shingle damage, a full tear-off might be needed. Depending on roof age and whether or not the roof deck has been exposed to the elements, you may need some deck repairs as well. Deck repair and replacement along with full roof replacement may also be needed in cases where the roof has been constructed over a bad deck.

Shingles that are not adhered properly or ones that were made poorly during the manufacturing process can be replaced without the need for full roof replacement. 

You can learn more about roof repairs by speaking with a roofer. 

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