Four Tips To Deal With Erosion Problems That Cause Damage To Your Foundation And Improvements To Stop Them

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Erosion around the foundation of your home can cause serious damage to the structure of soils that support your home's structural footings. This can lead to problems with cracked walls and floors. Therefore, the process of repairing the damage will need to include repairs, the replacement of eroded soils, and improvements that prevent future soil erosion problems that can further damage the foundation of your home. The following tips will help you deal with erosion problems and do the right improvements to prevent future problems:

Soil Erosion at Load Bearing Points and the Repairs to Correct Settling Damage to the Foundation  

The erosion of soil is a problem that can cause the shifting of the load-bearing points of your foundation, which leads to problems with settling. These problems will require a combination of repairs that involve repairing the damage and strengthening the soil, as well as solutions to jack the settling structures back up to correct the damage. 

Erosion Around the Basement Foundations That Can Cause Cracks and Failure of Waterproofing Systems  

The erosion of soil can cause problems with cracks in foundation walls, which can cause basement waterproofing systems to fail. It can also cause structural issues. Therefore, you want to make sure that the repairs are done to prevent serious problems with structural issues and water damage inside a finished basement. To correct these problems, you will need to repair the damage and to do improvements to waterproofing and drainage systems to prevent future problems.  

Problems with Sinking Concrete Floors Due to The Erosion of Soil Beneath Them and Lack of Support  

Concrete floors can develop serious issues when the soil beneath them is eroded. Therefore, these problems with slab foundations or floors in basements will require more intensive repairs. The structural problems will need to be repaired, and concrete leveling will be needed to correct problems with floors that have fallen out of level.  

Erosion and Water Getting into Crawl Space Foundations Where It Can Cause Serious Problems  

There are also problems with crawl space foundations that can cause serious damage to your home. Soil that erodes between foundation piers can cause settling damage, and problems with erosion around exterior walls can cause water to get inside the foundation, where it can be difficult to remove.  

These are some tips that will help you get the right repairs to your foundation after erosion has caused damage. You can learn how to improve your home to prevent these problems. If you need help with repairs after erosion has damaged your home, contact a foundation repair contractor and talk to them about these repairs and improvements to stop the damage.  

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