4 Commercial Roofing Tips To Help Make The Most Out Of Your Business With Greener Building Designs And Lower Energy Costs

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If you want to lower the operating costs of your business, sometimes maintenance to buildings also means an opportunity for improvements. One of the areas where you will want to consider improvements to the roof of your business, which do with different green and energy-efficient roof improvements. The following tips will help you with choosing the right green improvements for your commercial roofing: 

Renewable Energy Solutions to Improve Your Commercial Roof Replacement Projects  

There are a lot of solutions that you may want to consider for roof replacements, which can include renewable energy designs. This can be systems like thermal collectors and solar roofing that is integrated into the building, as well as solutions like the installation of solar panels or wind turbines to provide your business with valuable energy resources. Another improvement that you may want to consider adding to your roof is a rain collection system, which can provide you with water resources for things like landscaping and maintenance.  

Green Roof Replacement Solutions for Buildings with Outdated Asphalt Materials  

The roof of your business can also be a place to add green space, which is beneficial to the environment, as well as to the energy design of buildings. This is an excellent solution for replacing old asphalt materials with greener roof materials. This is due to the heavy construction of buildings with asphalt roofs, which can support the roof membrane, drainage and soil materials that are heavy and needed for green roof designs.  

Lightweight Roof Membranes and Replacing Them with Light Colored Cool Roof Systems 

The roof of your business may have outdated materials that are roofing membranes. These types of materials can be replaced with more modern membrane materials that are lighter and come in different colors. If your business is in an area with a warmer summer climate, lighter-colored roof membranes can be used to create a cool roof membrane system to help reduce the summer cooling costs of your business.  

Foam Spray and Roof Coatings That Will Help Improve Your Business with Energy-Efficient Design 

There are also options for spray foam materials that can be used in commercial roofing. These materials have the benefit of adding to the thermal barrier of your business, which is good for refrigeration and businesses that are located in colder areas. These roof materials are finished with a special synthetic coating to seal the surface and keep the elements out of the building.  

These are some tips to help you with commercial roof improvements to prevent damage to your home. If you need help with improvements to your business, contact a commercial roofing service like Moriarty Roofing & Sheet Metal for help. 

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