Dealing With A Leaking Roof On Your Home

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If the roof on your home is leaking, repairing the roof or replacing it entirely might be your best option. Once you notice a leak in the roofing material, it is vital to have a professional roofer evaluate the leak to determine if fixing it is possible or if the home needs reroofing. 

Signs of a Leak

Some of the most common signs that you have a leak in the roof are staining on the ceiling inside the home, water dripping through the ceiling when it is raining, or wet spots in the ceiling material that seem to appear without explanation. In all these situations, water leaking through the roofing material can make its way to the ceiling where you see the problems, especially during a rainstorm. 

Having the roof checked is easy to do, and many roofing contractors will not charge you to come out and evaluate the condition of the roof. Give a local roofing contractor a call, let them know what you are seeing, and have them come to look at the roof to help you determine your best course of action. 

Repairing a Leak

Sometimes the leak in your roof may be minimal but can still allow enough water in to cause a problem for you inside the home. The roofing contractor will let you know if fixing the leak is possible and how extensive the repair is going to be. In some cases, a small section of roofing material is all that needs replacing, and other times, a complete reroofing job may be required. 

Once the inspection is complete, the roofing contractor can give you an estimate to fix the leak and deal with the exterior of the home. The damage inside may require a different contractor, or if you are comfortable working with sheetrock or replacing ceiling tiles, you might want to tackle the interior damage yourself. 

Reroofing the Entire Home

If the roofing contractor finds the roof is in bad shape, they may recommend that you replace the entire roof. Depending on the age of the roof, reroofing the home may be as simple as installing new roofing shingles over the existing roof to stop the leaks.

If the shingles are in rough shape, removing them all and putting new shingles on the roof is probably the best option, and it will last longer without problems. A new roof can last twenty-five to thirty years when it is installed right, and taking off all the shingles gives the contractor a chance to inspect the wood structure of the roof and make sure it is solid before installing new shingles over it. 

Contact a local roofing company like Lacey Roofing Company for more information. 

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