What Is The Purpose Of A Roof Replacement?

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Most people who need roofing services end up doing what is known as re-roofing, a simple process that calls for just placing more materials on top of existing ones. A more involved solution is roof replacement, and most homes eventually will get to the point where they'll need one. You may wonder, however, what the point of this extra work is. Let's take a look at why a roofing contractor may recommend you go this route.

Roof Weight

Roofing materials of all kinds weigh a lot, and that's especially the case with asphalt shingles. In fact, the weight of several layers of removed shingles can become so heavy that it takes multiple roll-off dumpsters to get rid of them because the waste management company's trucks can't pick up a single dumpster filled with shingles.

Imagine that much weight sitting on top of your house. For added fun, imagine a heavy snowfall on top of that. Yes, roof weight can become a problem. Many professionals recommend not re-roofing a house more than three times in a row, particularly if you live in a region that gets heavy snow.


Materials on roofs can break down for a variety of reasons, including the ingress of water, ice heaves, and moss growth. This can lead to expansion and contraction as the roof is subjected to rain, snow, and sun. Materials will eventually fall apart under these sustained stresses, and this can cause a feedback loop as previous layers of roofing materials also are destroyed.

It's best to tear everything up at the first sign the roofing materials are deteriorating. If not, the damage can find its way into the supporting structures. When that happens, you'll be doing repair work. The best-case scenario is that the decking, the sheets of wood that the shingles are nailed into, will become compromised and have to be replaced. In the worst version, though, trusses and support beams can be compromised, meaning structural repairs will have to be performed to save the house.

Putting a House Up for Sale

Few things worry home buyers more than the roof that's on a house. Some folks elect to redo the roof before a house is put up for sale, and a roof replacement is usually the best way to tackle the job. The roofing materials will look flat and even, giving the building a better appearance, and a professional will check the decking to make sure it's still solid.

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