Is Your Roof Vulnerable To Wildfires?

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Homeowners who live in areas that suffer from wildfires need to be concerned about fire damage that can be done to every part of their home. One area that can be vulnerable to fire damage and that can be difficult to protect is fire damage. However, there are some measures you can take to protect your roof from a fire.

Roofs Come in Multiple Classes

Have your roof constructed using fire-resistant materials. Even if it might cost more for higher-quality roofing materials, it's usually worthwhile to do so. Class A roofing materials are considered to be the most resistant, while class B and C roofing materials are less resistant respectively. 

Metal Roofs are Less Flammable

Metal roofs, in particular, are resistant to fire because they won't catch on fire when flying sparks land on the roof. Radiating heat doesn't cause metal roofs to catch on fire. Metal roofs can be designed to look like other materials as well.

Green Roofs are Fire-Resistant

If it's practical for your property, you might even want to install a green roof. You might think that a green roof would be more flammable because of the vegetation on the roof, but the substratum layers of your green roof actually make it more fire-proof. 

Roofs Benefit from a Fire-Resistant Coating

If your roof has already been constructed and you don't want to replace it, consider having a fire-resistant coating applied to your roof. You'll need a coating designed to work with the type of roof you have. Some coatings even protect flammable wood.

Roof Damage and Debris Creates a Fire Hazard

Even if your roof is flame-resistant, it will not protect your home if there are gaps. For this reason, you'll need to repair any damage that you find on your roof so you can get the maximum benefit from the roof-resistant materials. Also, if your roof does catch on fire, make sure to have the damaged portions repaired or replaced so the roof isn't vulnerable in the future.

Make sure that your roof is cleaned off regularly. If it becomes covered in debris, you'll simply have flammable material on your roof that could feed an out-of-control fire. Fortunately, roofing services will often include a roof cleaning service where they'll not only make your roof beautiful but will also protect your roof from future fires. A roofing service can not only clean your roof but can also look for warning signs that it might be a fire hazard.

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