Stop Being a Pest: 4 Common Pests That Will Destroy Your Roof

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You hear a lot about how weather and aging can ruin your roof. But, you might not hear much about the damage that pests can do. You might not know this but pests can destroy your roof. This is especially true if the problem isn't controlled. Here are some of the common pests that can destroy your roof. 


If you have woodpeckers in your yard, pay close attention to your roof. Woodpeckers may focus on your trees. But, they'll turn their attention to anything that's wood. That includes your siding, eaves, and roof. If you've discovered woodpeckers on your roof, assume that they've done some damage. This is especially important if you've heard them through the ceiling. Certain companies, like Roofers of Minnesota Co., know that the repetitive tapping from their beaks is a sure sign that they're doing damage to your roof. Woodpeckers will tap away at your shingles until they reach the wood frame. Once there, they'll do even more damage. If you see woodpeckers on your roof, call for an inspection right away. 


If your dead trees are infested with dry-wood termites, be concerned for the safety of your roof. Termites travel through the air after mating. They're looking for a secure wood structure they can use for nesting purposes. Once on your roof, they start colonizing your rafters, eaves, and wooden roof trusses. If left alone, termites will destroy your roof and your home. If you find frass - termite droppings - on your roof, call for repairs as soon as possible.

Bees and Hornets

If you see bees and hornets swarming around your home, you want to find the hives. If you're like most people, you check the trees and surrounding areas. But, bees and hornets don't limit their hive activities to those areas. They'll also build their hives in the attic and eaves of your home. Once there, they'll do considerable damage to your roof. Over time, bees and wasps can destroy entire sections of your roof trusses for their hives. If you notice bees and wasps swarming around your shingles, contact your roof repair company immediately. 


If you have raccoons around your home, keep them off your roof. Raccoons may look cute and cuddly. But, they'll tear your roof to shreds, especially when they're trying to get into your home. Luckily, most raccoon damage is easy to spot. If you've found torn shingles or exposed roof trusses where raccoons have been, it's time for repairs.

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