Blistering Asphalt Shingle Repair

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Asphalt shingles are a good quality material to have installed on your roof. And, while this is true, you will sometimes see signs of telltale damage, even if the shingles are relatively new. Blistering of shingles is one such issue that may occur and must be resolved by a roof repair specialist. Keep reading to find out what blistering is and how the repair can be completed.

What Is Blistering?

Blistering on the roof will often look a lot like hail damage. Specifically, round spots will be noted where the shingle is either raised or is missing granules. The blisters will often appear randomly across the roof. And, they will occur due to a moisture issue. This moisture will be present in between the different layers of the shingles. When the sun heats up the shingle, the water begins to vaporize and evaporate, creating the blister. 

Oftentimes, water will be present within the asphalt shingles when they are installed. This may be due to the way the shingles are manufactured or the asphalt may have been created with flaws causing the water to get trapped in the shingle. However, blistering will not usually occur unless the shingles are exposed to additional moisture. This happens when the attic space and the eaves are not properly vented.

How Is The Problem Fixed?

If blistering appears on your roof, then a roof repair should be completed. Your roofer will likely investigate when the shingles were initially installed. Any paperwork you have will be helpful during the investigation. Also, the shingle manufacturer will be identified. Many reputable shingle companies will have warranties on their materials, so if a manufacturing defect is noted, then the shingles may be covered. Your roofer will then replace the blistered shingles for you and you will only be required to pay for the cost of the labor.

In addition to the shingles, your home will be inspected for signs of poor ventilation in the attic and around the edges of the roof. Vents may be added to prevent future blistering problems. Sometimes, fan systems may be needed as well to help pull humid air from the space, depending on the humidity level in your home.

Once the moisture problem is corrected and the blister shingles are replaced, your roofer will likely schedule regular inspections to see if new blisters appear. The process of replacement can be completed until all defective shingles are replaced.

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