3 Things That Can Cause Roof Leaks

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Homeowners often neglect to maintain certain areas of their homes. Many become more focused on curb appeal and their homes appearing to be well maintained. This superficial thinking can result in major repair issues. Roof maintenance is an example of an area that gets ignored by many homeowners. It can shorten the lifespan of roofs and it can also lead to roof leaks.

Homeowners should not make the mistake of waiting until their roof leaks to seek roof repairs. It is best to get roof inspections to identify potential issues before they develop into roof leaks. The following points will help you to understand a few things that can cause roof leaks.


Gutters need to get routine cleaning. They can get clogged with leaves and other debris. When this occurs the clogs prevent the gutters from properly draining moisture and precipitation. This can cause damage to rooftops and eventually cause damage to the siding material on homes.

Clogged gutters will initially cause damage to the roofing materials closest to the edge of the roof. However, the damage can spread and algae and mold could develop on other portions of the roof. The materials closest to the edge may rot, which can allow moisture to impede under the roofing material leading to leaks.

Shingle Issues

Some shingle issues can go undetected. This is why roof inspections are a good defense against leaks. Missing shingles may be evident at ground level. However, damaged shingles may be less visible or undetectable. Both of these issues require repairs to ensure that the roof does not get compromised and become vulnerable to roof leaks. A number of things can cause damage to shingles. Some of these things such as UV light and exposure and inclement weather are natural occurrences. 

Roof Design

A flat roof may retain water or allow the pooling of water. This excess moisture could break down roofing materials. This is why it is ideal to keep a routine roof maintenance schedule. A sloped roof design allows for water to run off. Pooling can still occur, but if gutters remain clear of debris it can aid in helping this issue.

A roofing contractor is a good resource to use to learn more about the importance of roof inspections. They can also offer additional information such as maintenance schedules that are appropriate for you. If you live in an area that has seasons with inclement weather and high winds you may need to get inspections performed after these events occur to ensure that your roof materials are not compromised by the events. 

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