Roof Repair: Signs It's Time To Call A Roofer

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The health of your roof indicates the health of your home. It protects it from water intrusion, pests, and structural damage. Neglecting roof repair can lead to large insurance claims and a deteriorating roof. 

Keep reading to discover some signs that it's time to call a roofer

How long should a roof last?

Depending on the materials and maintenance schedule, a roof can last up to 25 years. Twice a year, inspect your roof for any shingle damage, sagging gutters, or damaged flashing. Keep your gutters clean and unobstructed so that water can run off freely. 38% of insurance claims are from damage due to wind and hail. To mitigate this, trim any overhanging tree branches to protect your home from damage due to falling debris or bug infestations.

During cold months, the insulation in your attic plays a vital role in preventing ice accumulation on your roof. An expert can help you determine what type of insulation is best for your home.

When to Call a Roofer

Bad weather like hail storms, high winds, and heavy rainfall wreak havoc on a roof. In 2017 alone, more than 10 million US owners experienced damage to their property due to hail. Severe weather can damage your shingles which protect your roof from water intrusion and mold growth. Working on a roof can be dangerous. Call in an expert to do any work that requires climbing up on your roof for inspection.

Call a roofer if you experience any of these red flags:

  1. Loose, abnormal, or missing shingles
  2. Granules collecting in your gutters and drains
  3. Your roof is approaching the 20-year mark
  4. Water stains on your ceilings or in the unfinished portion of your attic
  5. Ice dams forming on your roof in cold weather
  6. Mold, algae, or moss growth
  7. Missing or damaged flashing

Tips for Finding Good Roofing Contractors

A good roofing contractor has a license to operate in your city or state, provable experience, and liability insurance. Not all states require contractors to have a license, but cities and local governments may require certification before a contractor can start a job. Check with your local governing body for contractor licensing requirements.

Ask for references and follow up with them. You want to determine if your prospective roofer can complete your project satisfactorily within the budget and deadlines set forth. Finally, a professional roofer should always have insurance coverage that covers their employees and anyone that may enter the job site. A lack of insurance can leave you footing the bill for any on-the-job injuries.

A properly maintained roof will improve its longevity and ultimately save you time and money. Inspect your roof regularly for any abnormalities and call in an expert for roof repairs. The right contractor will be insured, licensed to function legally in your area, and have the experience you can trust.

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