What To Know About Choosing Impact Shingles When You Get A Roof Replacement

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Basic asphalt shingles are easily damaged by hail because of the way the shingles are made. When hail hits, it damages the shingles by knocking off granules and by cracking the backs of the shingles. If you're planning to have a roof replacement soon and you live in an area where storms are frequent, you may want to have impact shingles put on. Here's how these shingles differ and how they protect your roof from hail damage.

Impact Shingles Cost More

One thing to know is that impact shingles are more expensive to have installed. However, you don't want to compare initial cost alone. Impact shingles last longer, and they may need fewer repairs, so the ongoing upkeep costs are lower than for basic shingles.

Plus, your insurance agent may give you a lower rate on your homeowner's insurance if you have impact shingles put on. Be sure to call your agent and discuss specifics so you understand how basic and impact shingles differ when it comes to insurance coverage.

Impact Shingles Are High-Quality

Asphalt shingles are classified in different grades. One common choice is the affordable three-tab shingle. Impact shingles are the highest grade available because of their high-quality construction and long life. These shingles are thicker and made with an added rubberized asphalt layer that provides impact protection.

The rubberized layer makes the shingles a little flexible so hail bounces off rather than landing hard and cracking the back of the shingles. This thicker, high-quality construction also makes the shingles more resistant to wind and other types of damage.

Shingles Have Different Impact Ratings

If you don't want to splurge on the highest-rated impact shingles, compare impact ratings for different types and brands of shingles. If hail is a rarity in your area, you may not need shingles that protect against large hail. You could buy more affordable shingles that protect from small stones and provide some protection against a possible rare hailstorm.

Impact Shingles May Have A Short Guarantee

Another thing you may want to compare when you're shopping for shingles for your roof replacement is the guarantee. Impact shingles may not offer a guarantee against hail damage. If they do, the guarantee might only be for a few years and may no longer be valid when your roof is aging.

The decision you make when it comes to protection against hail depends on your local climate and budget. A roofing contractor will help you make your decision so you're happy with a new roof that lasts a long time and hopefully survives many storms.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers roof replacement services.

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