What Style Of Roof Tiles Do You Want Installed This Time?

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Roof installation is not a task many look forward to because the process can be noisy and can take a long time (plus it usually means the roof has gotten into such bad shape that you're now having leak problems, which is not a situation people like to think about). However, when you decide it's time for a new roof, you also have a chance to make changes such as changing the entire style of the roof. If you've had tile roofs before, you know how great they can be, but it could be that a different type of tile would suit your home better.

Maybe you had Spanish-style half-moon tiles before and want more of a woodsy look; in that case, concrete tiles stamped to look like wood shingles could work. Or maybe you had slate tile on a very old house and want to upgrade. Whatever you choose, the time when you have to install a roof is the perfect time to make changes.

HOA Rules and General Appearances

First, before you make any changes, double-check that your neighborhood allows other styles of tile roofs. Some developments obviously only allow one or two styles, but older neighborhoods may have fewer regulations. Of course, if you live in a non-HOA-controlled neighborhood, then you get to choose whatever style of tile roof you want installed.

The Cooling Value of Half-Moon Spanish-Style Tiles

Spanish-style half-moon tiles have a special benefit that you won't get with other tile materials, so if you're thinking of switching away from these tiles, you need to give this careful thought. These tiles sit with the flat side of the half moon against the surface of the roof and the curve of the tile sticking up. The tiles are hollow. This style of roof allows air and breezes to blow under the tile. During hot weather, the heat in the house rises (because warm air rises) and transfers into that space under the tiles, where the breezes blow it away. This helps keep the house a little cooler; it's a fantastic form of passive solar. So, if you're thinking of getting rid of those tiles and trying a different type, be aware that your house could seem warmer in hot weather.

Conversely, if you're thinking of switching away from another material and you live in a region that doesn't have large hail, getting Spanish-style half-moon tiles could be a wonderful way to help cool your house.

Some tiles are manufactured to look like other materials, such as the previously mentioned stamped concrete that can look like wood. You can also get metal tiles that look like the Spanish-style ones, although the metal tiles are not open at the ends to let breezes through. If you want a particular look and a particular material that don't seem to go together, such as the look of wood with the toughness of concrete, you can find those now. Ask the installers who are providing bids about what types of tiles they offer.

For more information on tile roofing installation, contact a local roofing company.

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