Don't Ignore Damaged Soffits And Eaves

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The portion of your roof that hangs over the point where the roof meets the wall -- and that provides a little protection from things like rain -- often gets forgotten when you're dealing with roof damage and repairs. You're likely more interested in damaged flashing or broken tiles, but the overhangs, or eaves and soffits, can be ground zero for pest and pathogen infestation of your roof if you aren't careful.

Even if the rest of your roof seems to be doing fine, if you notice rotted areas on the soffits or fascia of the overhangs, have those checked out and repaired. What looks like a small spot of damage can hide quite a few problems that can eventually affect the rest of the roof.

These Areas Can Rot Easily

One problem is spreading rot and mold. It's relatively easy to damage an overhang, either through a branch falling in a storm, or a basketball going off course and bouncing into the fascia, among other possibilities. When rain seeps into the damaged spots, the wood can remain damp for a long time, creating internal rot. Mold can form, too, gradually spreading into adjacent rooms inside the house.

Rotting Wood Attracts Pests

Rotting wood has another problem: Pests like it because it's nice and soft, and easily broken down. That means they get easy access to the interior of the eaves and your roof, where they can set up nests. Whether you're dealing with insects, birds, or other animals, you don't want them getting into those areas. The nests they set up can smell; the weight of the nests and any young, too, can further damage the already weakened wood. Plus, any food sources they bring in to the nest can attract even more pests.

Damaged Areas Allow Pests to Access the Rest of the Roof

Sometimes the pests are able to break through any barriers and get into the rest of the roof, where they can scratch around, leave droppings, and generally scare anyone who hears them running around overnight. If small enough, such as with mice, the pests could start entering your home and getting into your pantry and other parts of the house. All those problems can stem from some rot in a soffit, which means that repairing damage in those areas is crucial for keeping your home safe.

Start with an inspection and see if there are open spots, like vents that are missing screens, and any areas that look like the wood is starting to weaken. If damage is present, the roofing repair company can find out just how bad that damage is and replace the parts of the eaves that are no longer in good condition.

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