Why Choose Standing Seam Steel Roofing For Commercial Buildings?

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Steel is one of the most popular roofing materials used in commercial construction, and whether your commercial building is a small mechanic's workshop or a huge, sprawling warehouse, steel roofing can be an excellent choice. However, there are several types of steel roofing available to commercial customers, and some may be more suited to your specific needs than others.

Standing seam steel roofing is a particularly popular choice and is widely used in commercial, industrial, and even residential construction projects. This unique type of metal roofing has distinct advantages over steel shingles and screw-down panels and is also superior to other commonly used commercial roofing materials, such as modified bitumen and elastomeric membranes.

Why Should You Choose Standing Seam Steel Roofing?

Physical Durability

All types of steel roofing are renowned for their long-term durability, and standing seam steel roofing is no exception. When properly installed and maintained, a standing seam steel roof can be used for decades without rusting or falling apart. Heavier gauges of steel can also shrug off large hailstones, falling roof tiles from adjacent buildings, and even the occasional tree branch.

Wind Resistance

Individual standing seam roof panels are crimped together, unlike other types of roofing material which are usually fixed in place with glues or fasteners. This creates a finished roof with a very smooth, aerodynamic surface that does not catch the wind.

As a consequence, standing seam steel roofing can resist extremely high winds without collapsing or shedding panels. Some high-end standing seam roofs are even rated to withstand low-intensity tornadoes.

Excellent Drainage Characteristics

Commercial buildings tend to have low-sloped roofs, largely because they are inexpensive and can reduce the building's heating/air conditioning costs. However, low-sloped roofs drain water more slowly than roofs with steeper slopes and may collect pools of standing water, causing the roof to leak.

Because standing seam metal roof panels are crimped together rather than fastened, they do not have any fastener holes or gaps that can allow water to leak into a commercial building. The vertically-oriented seams also promote swift drainage of rainwater and will prevent standing water from lingering on your roof.

When combined with a suitable waterproof underlay, a standing seam steel roof is practically leakproof and will remain so for many years. Swift water drainage also prevents the formation of rust on your steel roofing, helping your roof last even longer.

However, standing seam metal is not a suitable roofing material for flat roofs.


Standing seam steel roofing can also be remarkably attractive and can make your commercial building stand out from the crowd, which is very useful if your building is located in a crowded commercial or industrial business park. Standing seam steel roofs can be made in a near-limitless variety of colors and can be coordinated with other building design accents for a crisp, professional look.

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