4 Reasons It's Better To Hire A Roofer To Do Your Roof Repairs Than Attempt Them Yourself

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When your roof has a few missing shingles after a storm, you might be tempted to climb up and do the repairs yourself. Replacing shingles isn't too difficult, but that doesn't necessarily mean DIY roof repairs are a good idea. Here are four reasons why you should think about letting a professional make your roof repairs.

1. You Might Affect Your Warranty Or Insurance

Check your roof's warranty before you do any repairs. You might find the warranty is void if you do certain types of roofing repairs yourself. This could leave you in a bad situation if your roof is damaged later and you want to use your warranty for repairs.

You might also want to check your homeowner's insurance policy for details about your roof. Any damages caused by DIY repairs might not be covered.

2. You Might Damage The Roof More

It's possible to damage your roof when working on it. If you have an asphalt shingle roof, you might knock off granules and cause the affected shingles to wear out quicker. If you drop a heavy tool on a shingle, you might crack or dent it. You might also cause damage to the gutters with your ladder. If you're not familiar with how to replace or repair shingles, you might not fix the problem correctly and the roof might start leaking when you don't suspect it.

3. You Might Miss Damaged Areas

When your roof is leaking, the hole is often above the area of water damage since the rain rolls down the roof slope. You might repair the hole in the shingle that lets rain in but miss the shingles and roof deck down the roof that have water damage. If all the damaged area is not repaired, the problem with your roof could escalate and cause more serious problems.

4. You Might Get Hurt

If the slope of your roof is fairly steep, it might be dangerous for you to work on the roof. You might encounter danger if the damaged area is close to power lines. It's sometimes necessary to use safety equipment when working on a roof because if you slip or trip, you could fall to the ground and be seriously hurt.

Consider these points before you attempt DIY roof repairs. Once you've evaluated your skills and abilities and checked into your insurance and warranty, you can decide if calling a roofer is the best choice. It's generally worth it to hire a roofer to do repairs when they're needed so you can be sure the work is done thoroughly and your roof has the longest life possible.

To learn more, contact a roof repair company.

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