Consider These Points When Deciding If Your Metal Roof Is Ready To Be Replaced

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If your home has a metal roof and you see rusty areas or other damage, it might be time to think about getting a new roof. Metal roofs can often be repaired, so you should talk to a residential roofing contractor about your options. Repairs might delay the need for a new roof, but you don't want to pay for repairs if they're a waste of money. Here are some things to consider.

The Protective Coating Is Gone

If the coating is gone from the metal, then your roof is at a higher risk of corrosion and developing leaks. The coating is there to protect your metal roof, and it may wear out faster than the metal. If you have a new coating put on soon enough, you might get more years from your roof. However, if the coating has been worn down for a long time, rust could be a serious issue.

If your roof doesn't have too much rust, the roofing contractor might remove the rust and then paint the area with a rust inhibitor before applying a new coating. If there is a lot of rust, replacing the metal panels could be the best option.

The Panels Are Loose And Leaky

Another problem that might affect your metal roof is loose panels due to screws or fasteners backing out. This can make the roof more susceptible to wind damage, so it's important that the panels are tightly secured to the roof. Also, rain and even animals can get under a metal roof with loose panels.

When panels get loose, the seams might be affected. When seams get loose, gaps form and rain leaks in. Your roofing contractor will assess this problem and decide if a roof replacement is the best way to get your roof back in good shape and free of leaks.

The Roof Is Dented

If your roof is old and been through a few bad storms, the panels might be dented and unsightly. If your insurance company deemed the damage a cosmetic problem only, they probably refused to pay for a new roof after it had hail damage.

If your roof is old anyway, and you're tired of it looking bad and making your property look neglected, then talk to a roofing contractor to see if putting on a new roof is a good use of your money.

There are a few options in residential roofing, so you don't necessarily have to choose another metal roof. If you want to save money, you might want to switch to an asphalt shingle roof. If you want something a little more upscale, you might switch to clay tile.

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