What Role Do You, As A Homeowner, Play In Roof Replacement?

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A roof replacement is one of the biggest outdoor home improvement projects you can undergo as a homeowner. There's no doubt that your roofing company can and should handle most of the installation process. But as the homeowner, you have a role to play, too. Here's a look at what that role will entail.

Choosing your roofing product and color.

Roofing companies typically have some recommendations when it comes to roofing materials. They've usually used various products in the past, and they tend to know which ones are good quality, and which ones are not as reliable. Still, it will be up to you, as the homeowner, to choose the materials used on your roof. Your roofing company may give you three or four top products or materials to choose between, and you can talk to friends and do your research to ensure you make an informed decision.

You'll get to choose the color of your roof, too. This is primarily a matter of personal preference. You might want a traditional black roof or an off-beat green one; it makes no difference to your roofing installation company, so choose whatever pleases your eyes.

Approving or denying any recommended changes or improvements to your roofing.

Early in the roof installation process, your roofers may make some suggestions for changes they can make to your roof. For instance, they might recommend adding some extra vents, taking out a certain gable, or adding flashing in an area that does not currently have flashing. They will explain to you why these changes are beneficial and how much they'll cost to make, but it will be up to you to decide whether or not you want the changes to be made.

Preparing the yard and surrounding area for the roofing installation.

You'll also have a big role to play in the days leading up to the installation. You will want to move any vehicles, furniture, and machinery that you do not want loose shingles to fall on. You may need to clear some space for a dumpster, and you may want to put sheets over some of your bushes or shrubs so they don't get debris on top of them. Your roofing company can give you a complete list of preparatory tasks.

As a homeowner, you play a role in your roof replacement or roof installation. Let your roofing company take the lead, but make sure you're prepared to tackle the tasks described above along the way.

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