Residential Roofing Services to Get Your Home Ready for a Wood Roof

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If you are planning on installing wood shingles or shakes, you want to prepare your home for the job. The installation of wood roofing requires a lot of work and professional installation. You are going to need to remove old shingles, do repairs, and prepare the roof with new underlayment. The following wood roofing information will help you prepare your home for a new shake roof:

Tear Off and Repairs

Like with any other roof replacement, installing a new shake roof will start with tearing off the old materials. This is important because moisture problems can be a serious issue with wood roofing materials. Therefore, you want to make sure that any problems with moisture are taken care of before installing the shake. You want to repair old rotten wood decking and other issues that can get worse when wood shakes are installed on your home.

Installing Underlayments and Slats

The installation of a new shake roof should start with a moisture barrier. This will help protect wood decking from moisture and condensation beneath the shakes. Since wood roofing materials need to breathe, it is also better to use a slat installation. The horizontal slats need to be installed to support rows of shakes and keep them off the decking to allow the roof to breathe. This shake roofing installation method will prevent problems with moisture that can cause rot and problems with moisture.

Begin the Start Row of Shakes

The installation of the shakes will start with the starter rows of shakes. These rows of shakes are laid horizontally to start the shakes without any cracks or gaps that start leaks. After the first row of shakes is installed, each additional row will be staggered to ensure joints are never in the same spots. You may also want to reinforce the first row of shakes with an ice barrier reinforcement beneath the shakes.

Installing the Shakes With Moisture Barriers and Finishes

Once the first row of shakes is installed, the installation process is going to begin. To reduce moisture and wear problems, use strips of asphalt felt paper for each run of shakes. This allows water to run off the shakes and prevents moisture from being trapped between the wood materials, which can cause problems with rot. The shakes will be specially cut and installed to ensure there are no problems at ridges or eaves of the roof. If your roof has several valleys, rubber reinforcement with metal flashing will help ensure these areas are protected from leaks and problems.

You will need to do these things to prepare your home for the installation of new shake roofing. Contact a roofing service to discuss the installation of wood shakes for your new roof.

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