Commercial Membrane Roofing Solutions To Improve The Roof Of Your Property

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If you own a commercial property, having a durable and energy-efficient roof is important. You want the roofing to also be affordable. Roofing membranes provide all these benefits when you need a new roof installed for your business. The following information will help you choose the right solutions for your property:

Installing Underlayment For Membranes

The underlayment of your commercial roof is the first improvement you want to think about. Today, there are many options to add insulation to buildings with insulated sheathing or spray foam materials. These solutions can help improve the efficiency of your property, as well as make the roof last longer. With commercial roofing projects, a rigid insulated sheathing product is a great choice for this underlayment.

Updating Roof Drain Systems to Reduce Wear

The roof drain system is another area where you will want to consider updating your roof. The drainage system should include the following features:

  • Roof slopes to direct runoff to drain grates
  • Grates to protect the drainage system from debris
  • Wide drain lines to handle the roof runoff

The drains should be able to accommodate the volume of water that comes from roof runoff. If you currently have a problem with standing water on your roof, more drains may need to be added. This can be done when the new membrane roofing is installed.

Installing the Roofing Membrane

The commercial membrane is another aspect that you will want to consider for your property. Today, there are several options that you will want to consider for the membrane. Conventional roofing membranes are dark in color, like asphalt roofing. There are also lighter-colored roofing membranes, which can be used to keep buildings cool in summer, especially in areas with a hot summer climate.

Additional Improvements to Protect Your Investment

There are also additional improvements that can help protect your investment in a commercial roof. Installing a maintenance path or reinforcing membranes in vulnerable areas can help protect your roof from wear. In addition, drainage can have integrated rainwater storage. This rainwater can be used to irrigate landscaping. You can also talk to the roofing contractor about installing the rain collection system for green landscaping irrigation.

The installation of a commercial roof can also help make your business more energy-efficient. For more information about what materials will work well on your commercial roofing, reach out to a local roofing company. They can advise you based on your location or efficiency needs.

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