Synthetic Slate Roofing Might Be The Alternative To Asphalt Shingles You're Looking For

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If you're looking for an alternative to asphalt shingles, but you don't like the look of metal or clay tiles, consider choosing synthetic slate tiles. These shingles are shaped in molds to look like real slate with grooves and rough edges. However, they're made of plastic and rubber so they aren't as expensive or heavy as real slate. Here are some things to know about this type of roofing.

Synthetic Slate Tiles Are Less Expensive To Install

Synthetic slate has a luxurious appearance, but it doesn't have a luxury price tag. The tiles themselves are much less expensive than slate tiles, and since synthetic slate is lightweight, it is less expensive to transport the tiles to your home. Also, the synthetic tiles are much easier to install, and the installation doesn't require specialized skills. This helps keep installation costs low too.

The Tiles Have High Ratings For Wear

Synthetic tile quality varies by brand, so you'll want to check the ratings for fire, wind, and impacts on the roofing you decide to buy. Some synthetic tiles have the highest fire rating, along with high wind and impact ratings.

Tiles with high ratings are considered durable and able to withstand storms. The tiles are made to have added durability by including things like UV protection that slows down aging from sun exposure. Quality synthetic tiles can have a long life due to their durability.

Synthetic Roofing Can Be Recycled

Synthetic slate roofing doesn't contribute to the waste problem that affects the environment. The tiles are made from recycled plastic, wood, and rubber. When the roofing is old and ready to be torn off, it can be recycled and used again for other products.

Synthetic Tiles Are Attractive

Synthetic slate is a good choice when you want roofing that is a little more attractive than basic three-tab shingles. Slate is one of the most luxurious and expensive types of roofing used on homes, churches, and commercial buildings. When you buy synthetic slate, you'll get the look of real slate tiles without any of the drawbacks of a huge expense, difficult installation, and excess weight on the structure of your house.

The tiles come in the same color range as natural slate, and they're made with imperfections like slate so they look natural. The tiles can be fashioned in rectangles or they can have random widths. The tiles can have beveled, rounded, or pointed edges. This gives you plenty of choices when it comes to the shape and color of the roofing tiles you choose for your home.

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