Roof Repairs To Get Done Quickly When Leaks Are Causing Water Damage

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If you have problems with your roof that are causing water damage to your home, you are going to need to repair it quickly. Sometimes, the issues may be due to just minor leaks, but there may be other problems that you have to deal with. The following roof repair information will help you deal with these issues before they cause severe damage to your home:

Leaking Shingles On Eaves

The eaves of your roof are one of the areas where leaks start. These problems often happen due to the moisture and dams that form at the gutters. As the shingles wear, they begin to leak, and these are some of the problems that are difficult to notice. When you do notice problems with rot around the eaves, problems are usually extensive. Therefore, when you repair the roof, there are probably going to be repairs that need to be done to wood framing and the soffit.

Nail Punctures That Go Unnoticed

Nail punctures are another common roofing problem that goes unnoticed. The problem with punctures is that they start out small and grow to larger problems. Therefore, you want to inspect your roof for these issues whenever you do maintenance. Having an annual roof inspection done can also help to catch these problems. The punctures can often be repaired by patching the holes if the damage is caught in time. If the issues have gone unnoticed, there may be more extensive repairs that need to be done.

Worn Flashing That Leaks

The flashing in different areas on your roof can be another area where you have problems. The flashing often wears where there is an excessive runoff, such as in valleys. It can also wear in areas like around walls or at roof vents and skylights. When you are repairing these leaks on your roof, you may want to have the flashing reinforced with a rubber membrane to prevent future issues that cause severe damage to your home.

Issues with Chimneys and Walls

Chimneys and upstairs walls are other areas where you may have unique problems with damage. Often, the problem with the chimneys is the water traps that are often located on the roof. This happens when the gable diversion (cricket) does not extend far enough past the exterior of chimney walls. The gable or cricket will need to be rebuilt when repairs are done to prevent future problems. Other issues with water traps where roofing meets walls can have similar problems that will need to be repaired too.

The repairs to your roof are important to prevent leaks from becoming severe water damage. Contact a roof repair service for help if you have water damage.

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