Consider A Metal Roof When You Want To Age In Place

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If you're trying to decide on the best type of new roof to put on your house, consider how long you'll live in your home. If you plan to age in place and stay in your home as long as you're able to, you might want to consider a roof that will last the rest of your life, such as a metal roof. Here's why a metal roof is a good choice when you plan to age in place.

A Metal Roof Lasts For Decades

Of course, if a tornado or bad storm damages your roof, you'll need to replace it, but you may not have to put another new roof on due to old age. Metal roofs last for several decades. You may need to replace an asphalt roof two or three times during a single lifespan of a metal roof. This could mean you won't have to worry about replacing the roof after you've retired and you're on a fixed income or living off of savings.

Metal Roofs Don't Need Much Maintenance

Even if you like to do your own maintenance now, it may not be safe for you to climb around on the roof once you get past retirement age. An asphalt roof may need shingles repaired or replaced occasionally, and if you're not able to get on the roof and do it yourself, you'll need to hire someone, and that takes money out of your budget. A metal roof is nearly maintenance-free. You may need to have leaves or branches cleaned off of it if the roof has a low slope, but you shouldn't need to do repairs to the metal itself since the roofing ages so slowly.

A Metal Roof Could Save You Money

A metal roof costs more to have installed than an asphalt roof, so you should consider the overall cost over the life of the roof. You may see savings due to longevity, and you might also save money on your insurance bill due to the protective quality of a metal roof. A metal roof is also a cool roof. A white roof reflects the sun and keeps your home cooler, and that could result in lower power bills in the summer.

In addition, a metal roof is attractive. You may want a vibrant color, such as red, orange, or green for your home, or you may want a simple white roof. You can find the perfect match for your style of home and the surrounding environment so your home has appealing curb appeal while needing very little roof upkeep in your later years.

To learn more, contact an architectural sheet metal supplier.

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