How to Protect Your Slate Roof This Winter

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If you have a slate roof on your home, there are some things you need to do before winter weather settles in completely. Slate roofs are extremely durable; however, winter weather can still cause serious damage, especially if you're not prepared. To help your slate roof survive the winter, here are four steps you need to take. 

Conduct a Thorough Inspection

If you didn't start the season out with a roof inspection, you need to schedule that service as soon as possible. Damaged, loose or missing slate can leave your home and your roof susceptible to increased winter damage. A winter inspection will ensure that those problems are identified quickly. If your inspection does identify problem areas, you should repair or replace your slate immediately. 

Install Attic Ventilation

If your attic doesn't have sufficient ventilation, you could be jeopardizing the stability of your slate roof. Ice dams can cause considerable damage to your slate roof, especially if they're allowed to linger for too long. One of the benefits of attic ventilation is that it keeps the air circulating under your slate. The added air circulation helps reduce the occurrence of ice dams on your slate roof. The extra air circulation also helps reduce the occurrence of mold growth under your slate. Moisture that builds up under the slate can cause mold to develop; mold that can harm your home and your roof. 

Secure the Gutter Fasteners

If you have gutters installed on your home, you need to ensure that the fasteners are properly secured to the roof before freezing temperatures arrive. It's not uncommon for ice to build up inside the gutters. Unfortunately, ice is much heavier than water, which increases the weight that's applied to the edges of your roof. If the gutters aren't secured properly, they may pull away from the roof, which can cause serious damage to your slate. To avoid costly damage to your slate, be sure that your gutter fasteners are secure. 

Remove Snow Right Away

If you're expecting snow this winter, it's time to arrange for snow removal services, especially for your roof. Excess snowpack on your roof can do considerable harm to your slate. In fact, the crushing weight of the snow can crack the slate, especially once snow turns to ice. To reduce the risk to your slate, be sure to remove snow from your roof quickly and completely. 

Don't let your slate roof suffer damage this winter. The tips provided here will help protect your slate roof from snow and ice damage. For more assistance, contact local roofing contractors. 

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