Options For Improvements To Your Home When Doing A Shingle Roof Installation

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When you are planning on installing a new roof, shingles are often the most practical solution. Today, shingle roof installations can also include improvements that will improve the efficiency and longevity of the installed materials. The following shingle roof installation information will help you choose the right improvements when you have a new roof installed on your home:

Address Issues With the Roof Design

The project of a new shingle roof installation should start with assessing the design of your roof. Before you have the new shingles installed, you may want to make some changes to prevent damage. The changes that you may want to make to the roof design include the following:

  • Removing water traps
  • Addressing issues around chimneys and walls
  • Adding details to enhance the appearance of the roof

Design issues with your roof can often easily be corrected with minor improvements that eliminate water traps.

Start With an Underlayment for Shingles

After old roofing has been removed, the decking needs to be repaired and a new underlayment installed. Today, there are options for upgrading the underlayment to prevent damage and improve efficiency. Some of the underlayment options to consider for the installation of new shingles include:

  • Affordable asphalt felt paper
  • Synthetic moisture barriers to reduce energy loss
  • Rubber membranes for flashing and vulnerable areas like eaves

Using more efficient underlayments that reduce thermal transfer can also improve your home's efficiency and lower energy costs.

Use Premium Asphalt Shingles

The quality of the shingles you have installed on your home is also important. Therefore, you want to use premium materials when you have new roofing installed. Some of the premium options for asphalt shingles include:

  • Tabbed shingles with a higher wind rating
  • 3D architectural shingles
  • Decorative asphalt shingles

Options like architectural shingles will enhance the appearance of your roof with longer-lasting materials.

Protect Shingles From Wear

There are also extras that you can invest in to protect your shingles from wear. These can be features like ice barriers or gutters. The best extra features to invest in to ensure your shingles are protected from wear and damage include:

  • Ice barrier for eaves
  • Premium roof vents
  • Reinforced flashing
  • Gutters and gutter guards

Features like ice barriers are essential for areas that get rain and snow during the winter months. These features will prevent issues with leaks at the eaves that can lead to rot and serious water damage issues.

Improvements like better underlayments and using premium asphalt shingles will give you an efficient and long-lasting roof. Contact a roofing service to discuss these options for a shingle roof installation for your home.

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