Roof Repairs That Are Needed When Damage Goes Beyond The Surface Of Shingles

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Often, when roof repairs are needed, the damage is just on the surface if you catch issues in time. Sometimes, this is not the case, and you may need to have more extensive repairs done, such as patching roof decking and replacing rotted wood framing. The following roof repairs are problems that need to be fixed when the damage goes beyond the surface of shingles:

Severe Storm Damage

Sometimes, storm damage issues are minor, but they may cause other problems. The severe storm damage may include shingles that have been completely blown off your home, structural issues, and water damage due to leaks that the weather has caused. When you have issues with this type of severe storm damage, you are going to need a professional roofing service to help with the repairs.

Leaks With Water Damage

Leaks on your roof can be serious issues that you need to have repaired quickly. The problem is that when the leaks go unnoticed, they can also cause severe water damage. Therefore, some of the repairs that you may need to have done to your roof include repairing the leaks and water damage. When shingles are removed, the issues with water damage will also need to be repaired.

Excessive Shingle Wear

There may also be issues with excessive shingle wear. The excessive wear of shingles happens in valleys, at the eaves, or where slopes meet walls. These are areas where there is more runoff, and this can cause damage to the shingles. This wear can also cause damage to the flashing and other materials. When there is an issue with excessive wear, repairs are going to be needed before the damage gets worse.

Roof Structure Problems

Damage to the roof structure will need to be repaired as well. These problems are often due to issues with storm damage, but there are other causes of damage to roof structures. A common issue is heavy roofing due to too many layers of shingles causing the structure to give. There may also be issues with the bracing that need to be addressed. These are problems that a specialized roof repair service can help you fix.

The damage to shingles may be more than just minor issues on the surface of your roof. Contact a residential roof repair service to help identify and repair these issues before they cause more damage to your home. For more information, contact a company like EcoShield Exteriors.

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