Help Prevent Roof Damage This Winter By Preparing Your Roof This Fall

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The winter weather can be hard on both you and your home. Thankfully, your roof is there to help keep you both protected from the harsh outdoor elements. However, if you want to make sure that your roof is ready to handle everything that winter throws its way, you will need to take a little time out this fall to invest in some roofing services. Read on to learn more about what you should be doing this fall to make sure your roof is ready for the winter months ahead.

Make Sure Your Gutters Are Clean

While you may not think of cleaning your gutters as a roof maintenance task, the fact is that this drainage system is directly tied to the effectiveness of your roof. If your gutters become clogged with leaves or other debris, this drainage system will not be able to effectively route excess moisture away from your roof. With the cold temperatures that winter brings, this excess moisture can freeze causing heavy icicles to form on your home. The weight of these icicles can severely damage your roof.

While cleaning out your gutters, you will also want to be on the lookout for roof granules. These granules are typically dark in color and are the texture of very coarse sand. If you spot an abundance of loose granules in your gutters, this is a good indication that your roof has suffered some damage and you will need to call a professional roof contractor to further explore the extent of this damage.

Check Your Attic Insulation

The insulation in your attic can also play an important role in preventing moisture from freezing on your roof and ultimately causing damage. If the insulation in your attic has settled or if you find gaps in the insulation, you will want to add some new insulation before the winter weather arrives. As a bonus, in addition to helping protect your roof from damage, the addition of more insulation in your attic can also help to keep your home heating bills to a minimum throughout the winter. 

Have Your Roof Professionally Inspected

Once the winter is in full swing, it can be difficult to address the need for any type of roofing repair. This is especially true in areas that are prone to ice and snow accumulation as this precipitation can make accessing your roof very dangerous. Having your roof professionally inspected during the fall will allow you to identify any damage that your roof may have suffered over the past year and make the required repairs. When it comes to preventing serious roofing problems over the winter months, there is simply no better investment you can make than in this type of roofing maintenance service.

Contact a local roofing service to learn more about maintenance.

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