The Warning Signs Of A Deteriorating Commercial Roof

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A business is a valuable investment. Therefore, you should do everything you can to safeguard it. Your commercial roof protects your business assets and employees from external threats. However, ignoring the maintenance needs of your roof could invite trouble. 

Without a properly functioning roof, you put the entire business in jeopardy. Apart from losses, you also risk an invasion by burglars and thieves. That is why you need to watch out for any signs of roof damage and schedule commercial roof repair services soon after you notice them. If you are curious to know what commercial roofing problems look like, read on.

Ceilings Full of Unsightly Stains

A stained ceiling is bad for your business image and is also a sign of serious roof damage. Brown stains on the ceiling mean there is a leak on the rooftop. Therefore, you need to call a roofer to mend the leak soonest possible before it gets out of hand. Leaks can develop over time or after catastrophic events such as hailstorms. So even if your roof is still new, do not dismiss the possibility of a leak.

Parts of Your Roof Seem Warped

You also want to pay attention to any signs of warping on your roof, which can happen for several reasons. These include age and poor DIY installation. This shows how important it is to let a roofer handle all your installations. A warping roof might also mean moisture is trapped, causing bubbles to form on your roof. Remember that warping can invite a host of other roofing problems and should be addressed instantly. 

Mold Forming on the Roofing Structure

Mold formation is another classic sign of a damaged commercial roof. Usually, mold is a subtle sign of a leaking roof. This issue is not only a danger to your roof but also to your employee's health. Therefore, you need to seek professional commercial roof repair services to avert the effects of mold. 

Stagnating Water on the Rooftop

Stagnant or ponding water is an indication of a poorly draining roof. Even though it is normal for this to happen after heavy rains, the water should drain off after a few hours. So if you notice water puddles on the roof days or weeks after a storm, some repairs need to be done quickly. Therefore, calling a roofer to resolve this problem instantly is advised. 

The issues above can arise due to normal wear and tear or negligence. Therefore, do not ignore your roof maintenance needs and seek commercial roof repair services as soon as you detect a sign of roof deterioration.

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