Is Your Roof Beyond Repair: 3 Signs That Signal The Need For A Roof Replacement

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Many types of roof damage can be repaired by a professional contractor. However, some types of damage will signal the need for a whole new roof. If you are wondering whether or not your roof is beyond repair, taking the time to look for the following three warning signs can help you to determine whether or not you do in fact need a roof replacement.

#1: Your Shingles No Longer Lay Flat  

In order for a shingle roofing system to function properly, your shingles must lay completely flat against the sub-roof. Over time your shingles can suffer damage as the result of severe weather, sun exposure, or old age. This damage can cause your shingles to begin curling at the edges or to form an air pocket in the center of the shingle. This type of damage can prevent your roof from properly draining rainwater into your gutters and can ultimately result in water damage to your home. If your roof has this type of damage, it is time for a roof replacement. 

#2: A Significant Number Of Your Shingles Have Cracked

Cracked shingles can allow moisture to get beneath them and ultimately cause damage to your home. In some cases, cracked shingles will occur as the direct result of a strong impact, such as a falling tree branch or a hail storm. This type of damage is typically very localized and can often be repaired with no problem. However, cracking can also occur as a result of the aging process. This type of damage will often be widespread and will warrant a roof replacement. 

#3: There Is Excessive Mold Or Mildew Growth On Your Roof 

Mold and mildew require moisture in order to grow. While the presence of these fungi on your roof is not uncommon, it can be cause for concern. This is especially true when there is an excess amount of organic growth. The reason for this is that the presence of large amounts of mold or mildew on your roof will often be an indication of a roof that is not draining properly. Depending upon the underlying cause of excess moisture on your roof, you may or may not be able to repair this problem without replacing your entire roof. The only way to determine what your best course of action will be is to have your roof inspected by an experienced roofing contractor in your local area. 

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