Risks of Delaying Roof Replacement

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One of the most crucial home renovation tasks involves roof maintenance. Many homeowners postpone replacing their roofs because of the high costs involved. A few consequences of failing to replace your roof in time include the following.

Health Risks

Failing to replace your roof can pose serious health risks. A leaky roof allows pests to spread diseases in your home. Additionally, leaking roofs encourage the breeding of mold and mildew. These allergens can be a problem for people in your household with respiratory conditions.

Increased Bills

Failing to replace your roof can amount to high electricity bills. The same leaks causing water into your house will let air escape. Therefore, your HVAC system will strain to keep your home comfortable.

One way to determine the impact of roof leaks is to keep tabs on your energy usage. If you notice an unusual rise in your energy bills, call a residential roofing service since your roof is the most likely culprit.

Water Damage

A minor drip from your ceiling can quickly get worse and affect many parts of your home. The main consequence of serious leaks is structural damage. Eventually, the leaks will damage your furniture and other items in the house. 

Unfortunately, this is a potential fire hazard if water gets into your attic. Many electrical connections are located in the attic. One spark is enough for a fire outbreak when water comes into contact with these connections.

Low Property Value

A leaky or worn-out roof can lower the value of your property. Therefore, you will get no positive responses if you want to sell or list your home. The more your house remains unsold, the more you will pay your real estate agent. There are other additional costs associated with selling your home. Furthermore, if you want to apply for a home equity loan, the bank or lender will turn you down because of the condition of your roof.

Liability Risks

When you have an old and damaged roof, there is a high risk of accidents. The roof could fall off unexpectedly. The homeowner's insurer may refuse to cover you because the roof condition is too risky. Therefore, in case of an accident, you are solely responsible for the full cost of property damage or personal injury.

In Closing

Some signs that you need to replace your roof include serious leaks, mold and mildew, and missing shingles. Don't avoid the cost of replacing your roof by placing another layer of roofing over the old roof. The solution to most roofing problems can only be resolved by installing a new roof. Consult a roofing service such as Schmidt Roofing & Siding to determine when to repair and replace your roof.

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