Roofing Options To Consider For Your Residential Home

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When picking the right roofing for your residential property, you may need to consult a local residential roofing expert for professional advice. Besides, they're the ones who know what roofing is best for your area. Otherwise, you might end up confused and exhausted by the whole process. Ideally, you need to be confident with your choice to avoid regrets in the future. Below are some of the ideal roofing options the roof installation expert might want you to consider. 

Gable Roofing

If you fancy traditional roofing styles, consider gable roofs. They have the simplest design whereby two sides slant and meet at the ridge. Their popularity hails from the fact that they're versatile, thus able to fit into any home design. Gable roofing systems are also excellent for hot and cold areas, thanks to the slanting sides that aid in insulating your home. This ultimately helps prevent damage caused by moisture build-up. 

Flat Roofing

From the surface, flat roofs seem even. But, that is not entirely true, for they are slightly sloped to aid rainwater drainage. However, they are prone to water pooling and thus may not be fit for places that experience lots of snow or rainfall. All in all, flat residential roofing systems have an incredible lifespan. At the same time, you can easily install machines such as HVAC systems or solar panels, thereby freeing some property space. Also, the free space on your roof can be used for outdoor activities such as grilling or can be transformed into a deck. 

Gambrel/ Barn Roofing

This roofing system has two uniform slopes with a steep lower side while the upper part is slightly shallow. Most are made of wooden shingles, thus bringing out a conventional look to your residential home. The steepest and lowest side create an additional room that can be used as a living space. Unlike Gable roofs, these roofs may not ideal for every place, especially those that experience heavy rainfall, snow, and strong winds. Roofers usually include reinforced trusses to reduce the effects of the weather. 

Hipped Roofing

Hipped roofing systems have four sides converging at the center. This results in even weight distribution, making it one of the most stable roofing options you will find. The shape is also a huge advantage for when the winds are too strong or when it rains heavily. And like gambrel and gable roofing systems, hipped roofing systems also offer additional attic space that can be converted into a living room. 

Whichever roofing option you pick, please do not forget to hire a residential roof replacement company to help take care of it. Additionally, ensure to report any issues on time so your roof can last longer. 

For more information about roof replacement, contact a local company. 

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