Making Repairs on Punctured EPDM Roofs: Important Steps You Should Know

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Regular roof maintenance shields your home against costly and devastating roofing problems. But even with the best care, your roof may still suffer damage from hail and strong winds. To avoid high repair costs, many homeowners opt for EPDM roofs. This is because they're durable and withstand harsh weather elements excellently. But after years of use, your EPDM roof might get punctured due to impact from footwear, sharp debris, and chemicals. If this happens, your roof repair professional will take different measures to patch the holes. Here's what to expect as the experts carry on with this process.

Preparing the Rubber Roof Surface

Before repairing an EPDM roof, roofers must ensure that the surface is dry and clean. This is the only way to make sure that the patch will stick to the roof. Remember that a rubber roofing has carbon within its membrane and thus leaves a carbon film as it ages. As such, your roofer will clear this firm before patching the puncture. When cleaning the rooftop, roofing professionals usually use regular multi-purpose household cleaners. They'll then remove moisture from the area using a dry rag.

Cut the Patch to the Right Size

After your roofer cleans the roof, they'll cut the patch material that perfectly fits the area. Typically, they will place the patch on the punctured area and ensure it extends a few inches outside this section. After obtaining a right-sized patch, they will clip the sharp corners. Doing this ensures that the patch doesn't get off when knocked by feet or debris.

Apply a Roof Repair Coating

Once the damaged area is clean and you have the correct-sized patch, the next thing your roofer will do is apply a roof coating (roofing primer). During this step, they'll use a paintbrush to ensure the coat extends beyond the edges of the patch. Usually, an experienced roofer will apply the roof primer moderately as too much of it creates puddles. And if you place the patch in this state, it will tear off quickly.

Place the Patch on the Roof

At this point, the roofing contractor uses a pressure-sensitive patch with adhesive on the underside. These patches usually contain paper at the back, which the roofer removes and then places on the punctured area. Then, they will apply pressure on this section using a roller to remove air trapped between the patch. This will allow it to stick firmly.

When you notice punctures on your EPDM roof, call a local roofing service such as Schultz Roofing & Repairs, LLC to resolve it. With the above steps, they will restore the roof to its original shape.

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