Does Your Roof Need To Be Repaired? How To Know

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It's smart to take action when your roof shows signs of needing repair. You can help ward off greater damage by acting as soon as possible.

Inspect Your Roof

Regular inspections can help homeowners spot problems before they get bigger. If you are not comfortable getting up on your roof, call a professional roofer to do the job for you. Some of these common roof issues should catch your attention:

  • Rusted metal, nails, trim, etc.
  • Areas of sagging 
  • Signs of mold, mildew, moss, or other forms of life growing on your roof
  • Missing shingles
  • Damaged shingles. That might be shingles that are lifting, cracked, or curling up
  • Water stains on the ceiling inside your home

Get an Estimate

If you have a lot of damage or your roof is several years old, find out how much it would be to completely replace your roof. In some cases, the cost to replace your roof could be only a bit more than a repair job. Consider the repair vs replacement issue carefully. If your roof is old and damaged, more damage is not only possible but likely. A damaged roof can cause mold problems inside your home, damage your ceilings, and make your home more vulnerable to storm damage and extreme weather conditions.

Detecting Leaks

One of the most common issues with roofs that are past their prime is leaking. However, it can be difficult to determine where the leak is coming from. Sometimes, the leak has no visible signs. Leaks can come from seams, cracks, and other places than a damaged shingle. Unfortunately, you won't be able to tell much by the location of the leak indoors either. Water can run from the entrance point to other areas and come through the ceiling, light fixture, or ceiling fan. If you have signs of water intrusion, let a professional roofer find the leaking area on your roof.

Cost Considerations

The extent of the damage and the cost of materials will determine your roof repair costs. Building materials have been in short supply and the cost has risen because of the pandemic. However, things are beginning to normalize throughout the markets.

If you need extensive repairs involving shingles, pay attention to the type and color the roofer recommends so that the repaired areas are not too obvious. Ask your roofer about these issues:

  • Are shingles from recycled materials available and affordable?
  • Will the shingles used provide protection against storms, sunlight, and ice dams?
  • Do you recommend switching to metal roofing?
  • What is your timeline for getting to my roof and are the needed materials available?

Speak to a roofer to find out more.

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