How To Build A Small Deck

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Building a deck can be tedious work, and it can be hard work as well. If you are in need of a new deck, you should hire a professional contractor to build your deck for you. Building a small deck may not be as much work for you, and you may be able to handle it yourself. A larger, more elaborate deck may be much more difficult, and you should hire a professional to help you. Read on for some helpful information to use as a guide on how to build a small deck in your yard.

What You'll Need:

  • Deck boards
  • Quick Dry Concrete
  • Posts
  • Level
  • Shovels
  • Hammers
  • Nails
  • Screws
  • Drill


  1. To begin, you need to clear out the space in which you are going to be putting in the deck. Depending on how high you want your deck, or if you want it at ground level, you may need to remove some of the dirt below and level out the ground.
  2. Measure out your deck and mark it out on the ground using stakes and twine. Your deck needs to be square, so you need to be sure you have it sectioned off properly before you begin to install your posts. The posts will serve as a base for your deck. The number of posts you need depends on the size of your deck.
  3. Once you have your deck area marked out, you can begin to dig the holes for your posts. Install the posts in the corners, then install them every couple of feet to add more support for your deck. Use the concrete to fill in the holes and to keep the posts in place. Be sure they are level and straight.
  4. Next, use 2 x 4 wood to square in your deck and to use as more support for your deck. You can screw or nail the boards to the posts depending on what you prefer to do.
  5. After you have your base for your deck and the posts installed, you can begin to attach the deck boards to the base, screwing them in and butting the boards up to one another, leaving no gap in between.

You can stain your deck when finished, or you can paint it depending on what you prefer for your style. If you are wanting to build a deck in your yard, a small one may be easy enough, but a larger deck may be much more work. If you don't think you can handle building a small or a large deck, hire a professional to help you.

Keep these deck building tips in mind when creating a new deck. For more help, reach out to a local contractor.

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