5 Must-Know Facts About Metal Roofs

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If you are due a roof replacement, then you may be trying to decide between metal or the usual asphalt shingles. There are a few facts about metal to know, as they may influence your decision.

1. You Can Retrofit a Shingle Roof

Tearing off an entire roof just to put on metal may seem a bit extreme. The good news is that often there is no need to take off the shingles as the old roof can be retrofitted to metal. Your roofer will begin with an inspection of the old shingle roof, they any needed repairs will be made. Finally, either a layer of underlayment or batten strips are installed on top of the shingles, and then the metal is attached to these. 

2. Savings Are In the Long Term

It can be a surprise to compare the cost of a shingle roof and a metal roof, as the metal roof will likely cost more. While installation of a new metal roof is typically more expensive, over time the metal roof will actually end up costing less because it won't require replacement or repairs as frequently as the average shingle roof. It makes more sense to compare lifetime costs between roofing materials rather than installation costs. 

3. Metal Performs Better In Snow

In areas with a lot of snow, metal should be your first choice. This is especially true for those homes that have a low roof slope. The reason is simple — snow and ice are more likely to melt or at least slide off a metal roof so weight damage doesn't become a concern. The roof does need to be designed so sliding snow won't block entrances or cause injury, of course.

4. There Aren't Design Limitations

There is no one style of metal roofing. You can opt for paneled roofs with standing seams, the most common and recognizable design, but there are other options. Metal roof tiles come in a variety of shapes and colors that mimic everything from asphalt shingles to pretty slate or tile shingles. Colors and finishes can also change the look of the roof however you would like.

5. Not All Metal Roofs Are Equal

Just like any roofing material, metal comes in different grades of quality. The lowest quality metal roof may not be as durable or long-lasting as the highest quality asphalt shingle, so make sure you are comparing similar qualities and not comparing by cost. Higher-quality metal roofs will have enclosed hardware for leak prevention and will provide better insulation among other benefits. 

Contact a metal roofing contractor if you are considering metal for your next roof replacement. 

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