How Do Roofers Protect Properties During A Roof Replacement

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If a roofer confirms that your roof is damaged beyond repair or that the repair is nearly as costly as installing another roofing system, they'll recommend a roofing replacement. This procedure will allow you to enjoy the benefits of a new roof for many years. For instance, this will lessen maintenance costs, promote energy efficiency, and safeguard your loved ones and possessions from external elements. 

Before the roofers start the project, they will need to protect the house. This will prevent damage and ensure the work runs seamlessly. Below are some basic steps the roofer may take before replacing the old roof.

Clearing the Deck or Patio

If your house has a deck or patio, the roofer will move all the items to prevent damage. First, they may take photos or a video to record how everything is laid out and then remove the items. The items can be placed in a safe area outdoors or an empty room in another building. The only thing they may not move is an appliance connected to the gas line, such as a grill.

Some people opt to move these things themselves but if the task is too difficult or you lack the workforce, let the roofing contractor handle the job. After replacing the roof and cleaning up, everything will be placed back.

Covering the Landscaping

The plants surrounding the house can easily get damaged when the roofers are working. This is mainly a common issue during the roof tear-off process. Once the roofers notice you have beautiful landscaping or foliage around the house base, they will take measures to protect the plants. 

Usually, they angle a tarp from a higher point like the gutters to the surface to cover the landscape or plants. All the debris will be sliding to the bottom and be removed immediately instead of falling on plants or the lawn and causing damage.

Covering the Attic

When removing the old roof, the attic gets a fair share of the debris, which may cover everything. Even when mounting the new shingles, things like nails and tiny wood splinters will be left behind. All the debris will create a mess and can also damage items placed in the attic. 

An ideal way to protect the attic is to cover the area before replacing the roof. The roofer may opt to lay a tarp or plastic sheet before they tear off the old roof. The covering will still be kept in place when they are installing the new roof. Once the work is complete, they'll roll up the cover to remove all the debris.

Contact a local roofing company, such as Ben Ross Roofing, to learn more. 

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