Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring A Residential Roofer As Part Of The Home Buying Process

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There are a number of benefits associated with hiring a home inspector to inspect a home you are considering purchasing. However, in addition to a regular home inspector, you may also wish to hire specialists to inspect specific parts of the home, including a residential roofer to inspect the roof. Here are a few of the questions you may have pertaining to hiring a residential roofer as part of the home-buying process.    

How Does a Residential Roofer Assess the Roof? 

If the roof on the home that you are considering purchasing is not brand new, it can be beneficial to hire a residential roofer to complete a full roof inspection. An inspection can be completed in different ways, including having a roofer visually inspect the roof while standing on the roof, looking at the underside of the roof from the attic or crawlspace, and/or using a drone to fly over the roof and take videos or photographs to assess the condition of the roof. 

What Are the Reasons You Should Hire a Residential Roofer When Buying a Home? 

If you are considering purchasing a home, hiring a roofer can be beneficial. First off, a roofer can inspect the roof and assess the age and condition of the roofing materials. This can help you understand what materials are on the roof, how they need to be cared for and maintained, and approximately how much longer the roof should last. Another reason why hiring a residential roofer to complete a roof inspection before buying a home is important is that the roofer can let you know if any repairs are needed. This allows you to negotiate with the buyer about the sale price or ask them to fix the issue before you take possession of the home. 

What Is a Residential Roofer Looking for As They Inspect Your Roof?   

As a residential roofer is assessing the roof, they will look at many different things. Primarily, they are looking for signs of roof damage or wear, including missing shingles, damaged tiles, curling, splitting or warping shakes or shingles, or splits in metal roofing seams. They will also look for signs of water damage, which may indicate a roof leak is present. 

A residential roofer has the expertise to properly assess the condition of the residential roof, assess approximately how much life the roof has, and determine if the roof needs any repairs. As such, if you are considering purchasing a home, you should hire a residential roofer to examine the roof of the home you are considering purchasing. Reach out to a local roofing company today to learn more. 

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