What Are Your Options for Dealing with Roofing Issues?

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Every house is bound to have roofing issues at some point. Homeowners should understand what their options are when it comes time to ask about roofing services. Broadly speaking, your options fit into the following three categories.

Replacing the Whole Roof

One of the simplest options is to strip the roof of all of its materials and replace them. In some cases, this may require pulling up and replacing the plywood decking. You may also need to do some work around the attic's ventilation system.

Unfortunately, this also tends to be the most expensive option. Replacing the whole roof is the best option when there are bigger issues, such as deteriorating plywood that's starting to bow. Also, with some materials, replacement is the only option. If you have wood or slate shingles on your home's roof, for example, a roofing services contractor will have to pull them up and put in new ones to restore the roof.


This is predominantly a good option only if the house has asphalt shingles. Fortunately, shingle roofing is one of the most common solutions out there. In many cases, a roofing company can simply attach a new layer of asphalt shingles on top of an existing layer.

Notably, there are some limits. Many local building codes now limit how many times you can do this. The goal is to prevent too much weight from accumulating on a roof and potentially triggering a collapse. Especially in regions that get significant snow loads during the colder months, you have to think about the combined weight of multiple layers of shingles along with the snow.

Also, the condition of the shingles still needs to be decent. If there are missing or torn shingles in several spots, you could end up with a roof that has gaps that let in water. Rather than saving money, this could damage the house.


Fixing the roof is potentially an option in some scenarios. If the damage is limited, such as a few missing shingles, it may be easier to replace them than to get into a whole project. This is particularly true if the roof is relatively new. Also, one hole from something like tree damage may also lend itself to repair work.

Sometimes a repair is a stopgap measure. You might have a serious leak in an aging roof, for example. Replacement is probably the best long-term option. However, the weather might not permit a bigger job at the time. Instead, a roofing service firm will patch it for now and start work when the weather improves.

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