Why Are Architectural Shingle Roofs So Common Now?

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A few decades ago, if you drove through a neighborhood, most of the homes would have had 3-tab shingle roofs. Today, shingle roofs are still pretty common. However, many of the shingles you see are now architectural shingles and not 3-tab shingles. Why is this? Why have architectural shingles seemingly taken over as the go-to shingle option in the roofing world? As it turns out, architectural shingles have some key advantages over 3-tab shingles.

They're more durable.

Most 3-tab shingles consisted of just two layers: one layer of asphalt and a layer of shingle granules. Architectural shingles are thicker. They tend to be made with several layers of asphalt and granules. This makes them heavier and more resistant to wind and water damage. As such, after a big storm, you are less likely to need to repair an architectural shingle roof than a 3-tab shingle roof. You should also get more years out of an architectural shingle roof than a 3-tab one.

They shed water better.

With a 3-tab shingle roof, water tends to find a particular pathway and travel that same pathway again and again as it runs off the roof. The regular, repeated pattern of the shingles allows for this. Such water flow can cause parts of the roof to deteriorate prematurely, and it can also cause staining. With architectural shingles, the non-uniform shape of the tabs causes water to drain off the roof in a less uniform way. The wear and tear caused by water shedding is therefore spread out over the whole roof, not concentrated in one place. This helps prevent water damage and staining as the roof ages.

They are energy-efficient.

As mentioned above, architectural shingles are thicker than ordinary, 3-tab shingles. The materials they are made from are good insulators. Therefore, architectural shingles do a better job at reducing heat transfer through the roof, or in other words, insulating it. Your heating and cooling bills will therefore be lower with architectural shingles. The upstairs of your home may feel cooler in the summer. This is great not only for your budget but also for the planet.

Architectural shingles have become quite common, but there are good reasons for this switch. If you're in the market for a new shingle roof, you'd do well to consider architectural shingles over 3-tab shingles, too. They're simply more durable, more resistant to water damage, and more energy-efficient than other types.

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