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Focus on Roofing Roof problems can go from minor to really scary in no time at all. One day you have a little leak, and the next you're left with major water damage in your attic. But it does not have to be this way. Well-informed homeowners know how to recognize roof leaks, and they know the importance of regular maintenance for roof longevity. How do you become one of those well-informed homeowners? By visiting our website, of course! Here, we have articles about common roofing problems, hiring a roofer, choosing a good roof, and even DIY repairs. Every home has a roof, and every homeowner should know the basics about roofing.

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Why Are Architectural Shingle Roofs So Common Now?

A few decades ago, if you drove through a neighborhood, most of the homes would have had 3-tab shingle roofs. Today, shingle roofs are still pretty common. However, many

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The Role Of Insulation In Roofing Repair

When it comes to roofing repair, insulation may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, proper insulation plays a crucial role in the overall performance and

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5 Benefits Of Choosing A Cool Roof For Your Home

Cool roofs are designed to reflect heat away from your home while also releasing any heat trapped in the home. They achieve this by being light-colored and coated to refl

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4 Reasons Why Flat Roofs Sag

Sags on flat roofs are a sign that your roof has a problem. These roofs should be level and even. If you notice dips and hollows on the surface, then you should have the